A cavity slider is a sliding door housed in a ‘pocket’ that sits inside the wall. As a sliding door, cavity sliders provide versatile solutions both as space saving elements and design features.

They are a functional choice where space is limited, such as a pantry or any other area where that extra space is especially useful.

There are also a variety of cavity slider options that can add functional design to your home. Consider using a corner meeting cavity to enclose that lounge space, or an overtaking cavity to divide a room in half. Or extend your cavity door full height to the ceiling with zero clearance and gib return detailing to create a clean minimalist feel.

Talk to our experienced team about the options and features that cavity sliders can offer.



Introducing a barn door to your build or renovation can bring a striking style element to your home or workplace.

Depending on the style of exposed rail track and finish, you can create that rustic feel or achieve a more modern look with our barn doors.

Choose from the traditional braced and ledges style doors (pictured), match to your existing doors, or pick from any of the designs in this brochure to make a functional feature out of an opening.

Easy to install and available in many standard sizes, these barn doors can be made to fit any size opening that you require.



A surface slider is a door which is mounted onto the wall or ceiling and slides across the surface of the wall.

  • visible track with a ‘pelmet’ which is a cover which hides the wheels and workings of the sliding track
  • generally used where a cavity slider is not suitable OR where the door is wanted to be featured
  • most door styles can be used with surface sliding track systems
surface slider door