• J & G Doors Limited offers a guarantee of two years on all doors and componentry provided that the storage, handling, finishing, and environmental conditions are met;

• At their discretion, J & G Doors Limited agrees to repair or replace any door, jamb or product supplied that is found to be defective;

• The guarantee is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of faulty products and specifically excludes any costs involved in the installation, painting, consequential loss or any other incidental charges, relating to the repair or replacement of the product(s);

• J & G Doors Limited is not liable to reimburse any purchaser for the doors repaired or replaced without prior written permission and retains the right to inspect the products and site conditions before accepting responsibility;

• J & G Doors Limited will not be held liable for any products which become defective because of failure to follow the general conditions set out in this warranty, and/or any further additional conditions offered in correspondence to customers in the process of ordering product;

• It is impossible to know all the circumstances surrounding every situation in which our products are stored and installed. Seasonal and geographic variations in atmospheric moisture and temperature may cause some shrinkage or movement. J & G Doors Limited retains the right to inspect doors and products on site to ascertain the probable cause of any reported defects.



• All doors to be stored and fitted in dry, well ventilated, closed in buildings only;

• All six door surfaces should be sealed and painted, stained or clear finished following the paint manufacturer’s instructions with correct number of coatings on all surfaces;

• Light reflective colours are recommended in order to reduce the possibility of bowing or warping. Dark colours are not recommended and may void warranty;

• A dark colour is considered to be one which has a LRV (light reflective value) of less than 50%. This is of importance where the door is exposed to direct sunlight;

• The same colour should be used on all six surfaces. Differing colours or finishes may cause doors to warp or bow;

• Linseed oil or Linseed oil based products are not to be used on any J & G Doors Limited supplied doors;

• Staining is not recommended for finishing doors. This is done at your own risk and may void warranty;

• The same skin and/or substrate must be the same on both faces of the door. Fixing another surface to the door may cause warping and voids warranty;

• Doors must not be hung within the direct air movement of an air temperature controller (heat pumps and air conditioners) and must not be situated in close proximity to wood/gas/pallet fires, heaters, radiators;

• Doors should not be installed in areas where there may be excessive air movement or moisture, or excessive temperature variations;

• Exterior timber doors require overhead protection;

• All doors must be hung on a minimum of three hinges. Doors over 2200mm high must have four hinges;

• Normal show through of frame components of door is not considered a defect. The manufacturer recommends the use of a low sheen/satin finish paint to minimise this possibility. If gloss finish, 6mm skins on doors are recommended;

• A maximum of 3mm may be trimmed from any edge of the door.



• Normal show through of internal components of door will not be considered a defect;

• Show through of clashing strips on finished painted surface will not be considered a defect;

• Natural variations in colour, texture or grain of timber Veneer, MDF, tempered hardboard or plywood will not be considered a defect;

• Any alterations made to the structure of the door (e.g. cutting in of openings for vision panels, vents or special details) will immediately void the guarantee;

• Doors with different veneer species to each face, doors treated differently on each face, doors that are improperly hung, have been subject to abuse or installed in an inappropriate manner or position and doors painted against the manufacturers recommendations will be excluded from warranty;

• Doors exceeding 2400mm in height or 1200mm width are manufactured at client’s own risk and are specifically excluded from guarantee;

• Where applicable J & G Doors Limited recommends all doors in cavity units or surface sliders and robemakers are supplied with steel stiffeners in core. Repair or replacement of cavity doors rests on J&G doors discretion regarding cavity installation and door construction. Cavity installation not recommended where temperature variations or increased moisture levels may occur;

• Exterior timber doors must not be used in unprotected areas and are not suitable for use as fire doors, in saunas, steam rooms, smoke houses etc.;

• Exterior timber doors must be installed in sheltered/protected areas and not exposed directly to weather. Any application outside of this is excluded from warranty;

• Exterior tempered hardboard doors not to be painted dark colours.



• + or – 1.5mm for length, width or thickness. + or – 3.0mm for square-ness (maximum difference between diagonals).

• + or – 5mm for warping on doors up to 2400mm high and 1200mm wide

• Warp shall be interpreted as meaning the cupping, bowing or twisting of doors. It refers to the distortion of the door itself and not the relationship to the jamb or frame in which it is hung;

• Experience has shown that when warp occurs after doors have been delivered to storage or building sites it is usually due to improper storage or adverse moisture conditions after hanging. No responsibility will be accepted on the part of the manufacturer when the moisture content on site exceeds 18%.