Pre-hung Doors

‘Pre-hung’ refers to a door complete in a frame.

They consist of three main components:

  • Door leaf – this is the actual panel that swings in the opening
  • Door jamb – liner or frame that surrounds the opening on which the door leaf is hinged
  • Stops – usually ‘planted’ onto jamb. This is the part of the door frame the door hits when it closes

Pre-hung Door Specifications

A standard pre-hung door will be supplied with the following (unless otherwise specified):

  • Standard Jamb thickness of 25mm – either in MDF or Pine.
  • Standard Jambs can come as either grooved (to receive linings) or architrave. Both made to fit 90mm framing and 10mm linings
  • Floor clearance under the door is 20mm


Use this diagram to work out the hanging of the door i.e. the ways it swings.

Always imagine the door as swinging towards you.

left and right hung door diagram


Standard jambs come in two main profiles:

  • grooved
  • architrave

Both are made to fit for 90mm framing and 10mm linings both sides. The standard thickness of jambs is 25mm, either in MDF or Pine.

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Sizing Calculations

Formulae – to work out sizing based leaf sizes use the following calculation:

  • Height = Door leaf height + 57mm
  • Width = (single) Door leaf width + 75; (Pair) Door leaf width x 2 + 76

*Trim size means the size of the opening required to fit the pre-hung door. This includes clearance to fit.

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Pre-hung Door Construction

A door is made up of the following parts:

  • Subframe
  • Skins – generally MDF and different options for paint finish
  • Core


Doors are made with a FSC rated pine sub frame 15-25mm thick and with MDF skins.


Doors are made with MDF skins ranging in thicknesses from 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. The greater the skin thickness, the better the paint finishing.


Our doors are available as Hollow Core, Poly Core and Solid Core.

Hollow Core

Hollow core doors are constructed with a thin veneer of high quality wood applied over a core of honeycombed cardboard

Poly Core

A Poly Core door utilises the same sub frame construction however it has a higher density polystyrene core.

This gives it a more sturdy feel without the addition of too much weight.

Solid Core

Solid Core doors represent an interim construction method, in which a fine grade surface wood veneer is glued over a solid core made of engineered wood, such as MDF or particle board. This gives the door a very solid feel and a greater level of sound proofing.

Inside a Hollow Core Door

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Cavity Sliders

  • Standard jambs can come as either grooved (to receive linings) or architrave. Both made to fit 90mm framing and 10mm linings. However custom jamb sizes and set ups can also be made to order
  • All cavity sliders are supplied as super sliders which means they have aluminium or steel stiffeners built into the core for extra stability
  • Floor clearance under the door is 25mm, to allow for carpet, tiles or timber flooring
  • Cavity sliders are available for standard door widths 610 – 910mm with custom sizes available on request
  • Standard size cavity sliders come assembled and ready to install

Sizing Calculations

Formulae to work out sizing based leaf sizes use the following calculation:

  • Height = door leaf height + 90mm
  • Width = (single) door leaf width x 2 + 45mm; (Pair) door leaf width x 4 + 35mm
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Access Wardrobe Sliders

Access wardrobe sliders are a cost effective option for wardrobe and cupboard doors.

Our aluminium frame extrusion is EXCLUSIVE to J&G Doors and is available in the full range of Dulux Duralloy powder coat colours.

Wardrobe sliders are made to measure and can be manufactured up to 2400mm high with 2, 3 or 4 door panels and are available with the following infills to suit the style of your decor:

  • MDF
  • Grooved MDF
  • Rimu Veneer
  • Mirror Panels
  • Meltecca
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How To Measure For a Wardrobe

Please note, all measurements are taken from inside the jam

Max door height = 2400mm | Max door width = 1200mm

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Wardrobe Roll

Upgrade to a Wardrobe Roll. This is our stylish option for cupboards and wardrobes.

This top and bottom track system allows doors to be made as sliding doors.

Achieve a more consistent look throughout your home by choosing to have them made to match your pre-hung doors, cavity sliders and bifold doors.

Our robemakers come in a full range of door styles:

  • Grooved MDF
  • Paneled and Veneer doors
  • Mirror Panels
  • Available with Soft Stop
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