Prehung Fire Doors

J&G Doors has extensive experience in providing both smoke and fire rated doors to residential and commercial properties. We are a licensed Fire door Pre-hanger and are able to supply prehung fire doors which have been tested and approved under 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire exposure intervals. We have supplyed numerous projects including homes and schools, factories and offices, retirement villages, television studios, processing plants, medical facilities and prisons.

Our expert team can advise on and supply you with prehung fire doors, prehung smoke doors, and fire rated windows and fire rated hardware to the specifications you require.

Whether it is simply an angle cut pre-hung door for under the stairs or a more complicated door style or construction, at J&G Doors we have trusted suppliers and crafts people and manufacturers as well as our own expert team who can assist you in even your most demanding and specialised requirements.