Cavity Sliders

At J&G Doors we offer a wide range of choice in cavity sliders. A cavity slider is a space saving and stylish alternative to a prehung door. We have our own designed and manufactured cavity slider system and we also source cavity sliders from suppliers such as C S for Doors and Cowdroy Products. As with our prehung doors, all cavity sliders doors are avaliable in our full range of styles and constructions.

Door sliding systems provide numerous residential and commercial applications. J&G Doors can supply and manufacture specialist options such as face sliding doors, overtaking and stacking units, frameless glass and aluminium units, over-size, over-width units, wardrobes and bifolding doors. Please contact our expert team to discuss what you need today.

J&G Doors has a full compliment of residential and architectural hardware to go with your prehung doors, cavity units and sliding door systems.

Download Cavity Slider Brochure

Whether it is simply an angle cut pre-hung door for under the stairs or a more complicated door style or construction, at J&G Doors we have trusted suppliers and crafts people and manufacturers as well as our own expert team who can assist you in even your most demanding and specialised requirements.